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Web construction and maintenance section

Sites can range from a simple pictorial site for a family up to a full fledge auction and e-commerce site.  Some benefits offered include:
  • Up to 30 email addresses with your domain name
  • traffic monitoring
  • your input into the design of the site

We will take care of the registration process if you have not already registered your site and also take care of setting up and maintaining the server space.  Updates can be made to the site daily if requested.  It is recommended that your site be updated at least once a week to keep the potential viewers coming back.

The prices listed are an estimate and can be changed with out notice.  Every site is unique and prices will be adjusted for the particular situation.

  • Domain Name registration                         $35 per year
  • Server hosting space                                  $29.95 per month
  • Basic web site                                             $500 one time construction fee
  • Weekly updates                                           $25 per hour

Fully automated auction sites start at $5000 but once again can vary due to the size of the site.

If you would like more information about having a site constructed or have any questions please contact me here.